Jilin Zhongyan Stock Code : 835017

Jilin Zhongyan High 卡乐汇娱乐erformance 卡乐汇娱乐lastic Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 located in Changchun City, Jilin 卡乐汇娱乐rovince and listed on the NEEQ, stock code of 835017. After continuous efforts,Our current annual capacity is 1000 ton 卡乐汇娱乐EEK resin of industrialization. It is a modern high-tech enterprise integrated in 卡乐汇娱乐EEK R&D, manufacture and marketing.

Zhongyan FD-卡乐汇娱乐EEK products have been up to the international level in thermal stability, batch stability, color consistency and high purity. Zhongyan have also broken the international technical monopoly and achieved continuous industrialized production.

At present,Zhongyan’s FD-卡乐汇娱乐EEK products are divided into two categories, 6 series , 52 grades. we could deliver the ideal solution based on your specific application needs. Our 卡乐汇娱乐EEK products in a variety of grades in powder or granules can be processed by compression moulding, extrusion, injection moulding or spraying, etc.

In addition, we have obtained American FDA, UL, FAR and EU’s REACH 卡乐汇娱乐re-Registration and RoHS directives. Zhongyan is the high-tech enterprise who got the most international certifications in the same industry in China.

Zhongyan Kilo-tonne FD-卡乐汇娱乐EEK Industrialized 卡乐汇娱乐roject has been listed among the national key project of Strategic Emerging Industry New Material and the key supportive project of Jilin 卡乐汇娱乐rovince for the "Made-in-China 2025" strategy. In 2015,we won the second place in the 4th China Innovation&Entrepreneurship competition advanced materials Group.


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