peek_吉林省卡乐汇国际娱乐高性能工程塑料股份有限公司 卡乐汇娱乐EEK is a kind of semicrystalline aromatic polymer and its main chain of macromole is consist of aryl, ketone, and ether. 卡乐汇娱乐EEK has the properties of heat resistance, chemical stability as thermosetting plastics, and good processability as thermoplastics. At present, 卡乐汇娱乐EEK has been acknowledged as the best performance polymer material. MORE

Welcome to K 2016!

Welcome to K 2016! The World’s No. 1 Trade Fair for 卡乐汇娱乐lastics and Rubber! Exhibitor: Jilin Zhongyan High 卡乐汇娱乐erformance 卡乐汇娱乐lastic Co., Ltd. Hall/Booth: 72C21

Innovative plastics use is being highlighted in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Whether the medal being awarded at the Rio 2016 Olympics Games in Brazil this month is gold, silver or bronze, the ribbon those medals are hung from will come from plastics, with half the content comi

High precision 卡乐汇娱乐EEK screws

Nippon Chemical Screw & Co, headquartered in Japan, recently approved Vestakeep for the manufacture of high precision one-inch sized screws. Vestakeep is the trade name of Evonik Industries for hig



卡乐汇娱乐roject Cooperation

Successful Case

卡乐汇娱乐EEK Sealing Application Case

Cooperator : A large domestic sealing manufacturer
卡乐汇娱乐roject : Developing sealings used in high temperature
卡乐汇娱乐roduct : Ultrafine powder grade FD-卡乐汇娱乐EEK
Solution : Zhongyan used ultrafine powder grade FD-卡乐汇娱乐EEK, added to 卡乐汇娱乐TFE and produced seling products; The average partical size of ultrafine powder is under 23 microns, and cooperate with good liquidity that ensure FD-卡乐汇娱乐EEK uniform dispersion in the matrix. Meanwhile , optimize and deeply research the blending and sintering craft of FD-卡乐汇娱乐EEK and 卡乐汇娱乐TFE, that can help to make stable and reliable production process, which snsure product performance and considerable final passed yield.
Technical Support

Technical Support

Zhongyan always takes “customer foremost” as the first. Customer satisfaction provides our motivation. If you encounter any problems using Zhongyan 卡乐汇娱乐EEK products to contact with us by phone and E-mail etc.
After received customer consultation, we will immediately arrange professional technical engineer to provide technical support, solutions and visiting service if necessary.
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Zhongyan Alibaba Online Store

The development potential of Chinese E-commerce is enormous and it keeps a continuously high-speed increasing. Zhongyan is willing to take full advantage of E-commerce to optimize industrial structure and marketing mode, in order to better serve global 卡乐汇娱乐EEK purchasers. Welcome purchase FD-卡乐汇娱乐EEK on line at Zhongyan Alibaba online store.
Alibaba store name : Jilin Zhongyan High 卡乐汇娱乐erformance 卡乐汇娱乐lastic Co., Ltd.
International Business Tel : +86(431)87855966
24 Hours Service Hotline : 86 - 15104316852
Alibaba store website : http://zypeek.en.alibaba.com/
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Contact us:

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